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What we have is enough

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Current methods or approaches such as records management of paper or digital documents are sufficient for most tasks required to maintain a peaceful civilization. If we go to a store or government office or even online, we often complete registration forms that have remained largely unchanged since the beginning of the 20th century. And, not just as consumers, but literate persons all experience records management as a means to a just living.

Inventions are wonderful things. And many inventions are derived from science which is the backdrop of many popular inventions including the automobile, air conditioning, high-rise building, wireless communication, and the integrated circuits in smart phones and computers. Science also fuels the economies of improvement, innovation, and re-purposing which add tremendous value to an original invention.

The computer used for everyday record keeping and doing mathematical calculations is a concept that has flourished in the role of records management, among many others. It is this facilitation of an invention’s ability to flourish that has brought humanity to the brink of self awareness and healing. Sharing of scientific facts from published news help industries flourish and further humanity’s gain in self awareness and healing.

If one has all the time in the world, and time is ours in actuality, then the digital world which began as maybe Netscape and the Internet Explorer is an amazing place to venture with to the horizon yottabyte size information. For some, can be this facilitator. Soosowon does not intend to divert the explorer from this great adventure. It wants to provide a well-organized springboard from which to dive. Click on an article link to scrape and surf the internet ocean or universe. One gets more out a journey if they enjoy the ride along the way!

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