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Fission, Fusion, Geothermal, Green Hydrogen, Gasification, Anodes and Diodes

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Questions that will bring us closer to sustainable energy production:

1. Is fusion technology viable? For those of us looking for an All-In-One solution (as with computers), fusion technology may be the epitome of energy production.

2. Is it possible for the fission reaction to produce little or no radioactive waste, or can we at least recycle and reuse any dangerous waste products? The easiest solution would be to modernize existing nuclear plants by retrofitting an invention to eliminate hazardous waste. But for many, this may still be too close to science fiction.

3. Is it possible to reduce the financial and natural resource costs of batteries, solar panels, wind and underwater turbines, or geothermal drilling? There is a mind-numbing list of companies in this category. They include Antora Energy, Arnergy, Baseload Capital… This flooded arena, no pun intended, is the closest to real financial returns. A simple tweak can change everything. In the case of battery chemistry, iron, phosphate, graphene or graphite, magnesium, sulfur, copper, lithium, sodium, potassium, or even salt can meaningfully reduce battery cost. This is under the assumption that we can produce electricity with cleaner technology.

4. Can we use electricity produced by the human body? This may be possible for wearables!

5. Can biowaste produce sufficient amounts of green hydrogen? Bloom Biorenewables.

6. Innovation in waste-to-energy? This has been a personal favorite. WM engaged in this a decade or so ago. Sierra Energy aims to make landfills clean history through gasification of all waste: “household trash, hazardous waste, tires, medical waste, construction and demolition materials can be converted into energy safely, responsibly, and without burning”.

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